NW Photography

Month: June, 2010

Portsea, VIC

This was a really sweet moment, a grandfather taking his grandkids out and about. I was thankful for the decent zoom on my camera so I could remain inconspicuous. The white background takes away from the shot a little but you get the gist of the moment all the same. A beautiful day in this lovely seaside town. N x


Introducing my Design Director

This week has been pretty amazing for NW Photography, the blog is going along really well and I’m loving getting my work out there. Behind every good business there’s an even better team, an integral part of my team is my brother, his feedback and contribution to my work is invaluable. I thought it was more than appropriate to put my genuine acknowledgement and thanks out there , despite the early days of my new venture it wouldn’t be in existence without his input and support. I love this candid shot. Have a great weekend everyone! x N

Camden Markets

Colourful, vibrant & eclectic.

Camden is a unique pocket of the world which is constantly buzzing. I have visited the markets a few times and have always 1. Spent too much money 2. Had a few too many drinks 3. Done a double take (if you catch my drift). Fabulous place and you can’t help but leave feeling inspired or at the very least as though you have had a good dose of colour.

Scanning through my thousands of travel photos makes me feel a little anxious to get some fresh material. Thankfully  I have a massive trip planned for March next year. I am going to Canada to see the Northern Lights, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am so excited to explore and capture this part of the world and witness a spectacular show. In the meantime I have plenty of exciting images to share with you all. N x

My new love

Just recently I celebrated my 29th birthday, and funnily enough most people were generous enough to shower with me photography related gifts. This made me reflect on a statement “do what you love and the money will come, people will rally around you to support you and new doors are opened”. When I started to show an interest  in photography quite a few creative people came into my life (still are!) and my dear friends and family started providing me with endless opportunities, ideas and motivation. Without consciously trying I have actually created a team to support me on this mission.

The first photo is taken while punting along the river in Cambridge, this photo is very random and probably has a few serious no no’s in terms of technical photography, but it was a fluke and I love it. I think the over exposure contributes to the eery feel and I love the outline of the university buildings. Cambridge was a big favorite of mine, beautiful place with a really warm feel about it (despite the ironic cold temperatures).

The second photo is courtesy of Lauren Hensworth, I put it up because this is me discovering my love for photography, I only really started to getting into it when I lived in London. It is absolutely true that when something huge happens in your life (and what you would also perceive to be a negative event) it pushes you to where you really need to be. Amongst the adversity  I began to see the world a lot differently and through the view finder appeared my new love.

Meanwhile lying on the ground wasn’t pleasant, very cold but I didn’t care, I was falling in love with my new passion. N x

WA’s South West

Some of you may have seen these photos already, but I love them so much that I decided to create a post anyway. WA’s South West has been the host to many good times over the years. Family expeditions on school holidays, road trips with good friends, emergency getaway weekends and quite a few winery /brewery tours. The SW has so much to offer and I always return home rested and very relaxed. The fresh produce rocks my world, Providore is fabulous and I love their organic fruit & veg garden. I wont go into the wineries or I’ll babble for pages. There’s nothing quite like sitting on the shore (anywhere along the coast) and taking in a sunset. The sky is crazy beautiful and the weight of the world seems to melt away…

Anyway, I hope these photos give you a taste of the SW vibe. N x

Something simple…

I’ve had mixed reactions to this photo, some people wonder why I took a photo of a door handle, others wonder what’s behind it. I love that about photography, one persons trash is another persons treasure. For me there is a sentimental story behind this photo but i’ll keep that to myself and let you draw your own conclusions. N x

I ♥ Melbourne

Melbourne town was my home for a little over 2 years. Slightly frustrated by the lack of things to do in Perth and a stagnant career I made a very spontaneous decision to move over there in July 2006. I had a fabulous apartment in South Yarra, was 5 minutes walk from Chapel Street and had no idea how good I had it until I left. Melbourne’s culture is very unique, some love it, some hate it, I’m a lover.

You can have a religious experience with food, wine and social type adventures in Melbourne, they do it so well.

These photos are a tribute to St Kilda which reminds me of long (wine soaked) lunches with beautiful friends, the casual beach vibe and dangerously delicious cakes etc on Acland Street. I hope the richness in colour from the photos does St Kilda justice. Enjoy. N x

A starting point.

I have struggled with how to start this blog for quite some time, wanting to create something flawless and concentrating too much on the details. So, I have decided to keep it simple and start from the beginning of my imagery journey.

This photo reflects a very poignant time in my life. I had just arrived in London, it was the start of the European summer, I had left my family and friends behind and was embarking on a journey very much outside of my comfort zone.

How I was feeling when I took this photo cannot be put into words, which for me, is the essence of photography.

I think its beautiful that art of any kind can be therapeutic, soothing, motivational, comforting and even a form of escapism.

My personal goal is to create images that provoke conversation, thought, inspiration, insight and imagination.

I very much look forward to sharing that journey with you all.