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Month: December, 2013

A Handmade {Vintage} Wedding – DIY Favours / Gifts

Hi all,

Welcome to my first DIY wedding project.

Firstly let me preface these projects with a little disclaimer. Handmade is a lovely romantic idea, the process of hand crafting items for your big day can be wonderful and very fulfilling. However, it is very time consuming, involves at least one guaranteed realisation of “gee, that didn’t work out how I thought it would”. And the obligatory “Ohh shi*! I need more {insert craft item here}” moments.

All that aside I was so proud of my creations and ideas, seeing it come together on the day was wonderful. And hopefully these tutorials will help! Pictures are below to give you a clear idea of the materials required and what the finished product looked like. This project would be great for baby showers too!

If you are budget conscious you can do some research on how much the combined materials will cost you and the divide the total by the number of items you are making. To find a per gift total you can compare with other kinds of gifts and items that are around. There’s plenty of wedding favours on Etsy and other websites. The good news is this project turned out to be the easiest and cheapest of them all for me and I didn’t have to pay shipping!

There are some variables with this project, how much fabric and lollies you need will depend on the size of the jars you get, please keep this in mind.

What you will need to make 20 gifts:

* 1 roll of brown twine or string, mine was a box of 70 meters and have loads left over
* 1 metre of fabric – I used a vintage floral pattern, gingham would also be great!
* sweets of your choice – I bought 15 x 100 gram Jelly Belly packets (see pic) from Woolworths
* cute jars that will hold your sweets of choice, my jars held about 80 grams of the jelly beans Similar jars online

Once you have all your materials together and the glass jars have been washed you can cut your fabric up into 4 inch squares, the size will vary on the jars you have chosen. Fill each jar, tie the twine around the fabric at the top of the jar and repeat! So simple! As an added touch you can include tags with notes for each recipient, I did this for our bridal party.

If you have any questions you’re welcome to ask in the comments section. Happy crafting!

N x

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Craft & my heart.

Have you ever noticed how therapeutic crafting can be? Tinkering or concentrating on a hobby can be good work for an idle or weary mind. I personally find great enjoyment from craft, however, more importantly I find peace in the quiet of stitching. It’s as though with every pull of a needle and newly created stitch I am figuring life out.

With this love of craft combined with my photography I’ve decided to create a category on the blog called Gwen’s Corner. I will be posting tutorials on DIY crafts, craft photo shoots and of course musings on my current projects and what they are bringing to my heart. To start there will be a series on handmade wedding how to’s! All coming soon.

For now here’s a pic I took of one of my wedding flowers (taken the day after), my parents house was FULL of these beautiful blooms! It was so beautiful.

N x


Merry Christmas!!

May it be a wonderful day!

N x


Long time no post!

My my it’s been a while since my last post, I have great excuses though!! I got married and moved into a new home!!! Exciting times but I have certainly missed blogging and photography. It’s already December and I find myself counting my blessings and am deeply grateful for the wonderful things that have happened this year and humbled by the challenges and lessons. We went to QLD for our honeymoon and I got some great shots from Broadbeach, Australia Zoo and our lovely accommodations. I’ve got some new things coming up for this blog so keep your eyes peeled for some fresh posts soon!

Happy Festive season to you all, N x