Camden Markets

by nwphotography

Colourful, vibrant & eclectic.

Camden is a unique pocket of the world which is constantly buzzing. I have visited the markets a few times and have always 1. Spent too much money 2. Had a few too many drinks 3. Done a double take (if you catch my drift). Fabulous place and you can’t help but leave feeling inspired or at the very least as though you have had a good dose of colour.

Scanning through my thousands of travel photos makes me feel a little anxious to get some fresh material. Thankfully  I have a massive trip planned for March next year. I am going to Canada to see the Northern Lights, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am so excited to explore and capture this part of the world and witness a spectacular show. In the meantime I have plenty of exciting images to share with you all. N x