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Month: August, 2010

Sneak peak

I have had a magnificent weekend down south! Great company, food, wine and weather – what more could a girl ask for !? I have taken hundreds of photos and will post some faves soon but in the meantime here is a sneak peak (taken at Thompson Estate, fab wines! http://www.thompsonestate.com). Ciao! N x


Borough Market

My first experience of the Borough Market  was almost 2 years ago today. Thankfully my original experience of the market was saved in an email to a special someone back in 2008, how I captured a simple lunch break has reinspired me to write more. Photos absolutely tell their own story, however, I feel the senses can be sometimes stimulated on another level with the “written word”.

I have deliberately kept these photos pretty raw, the natural colour and light capture the essence and tone of the story. I hope you enjoy my little snippet of a sunny afternoon in London town.

“I work just across from london bridge so when I look out the window I can see the thames, its just a hop skip and a jump to the markets which are hidden down a side alley, when you emerge out of the alley it feels as though you have transported yourself into a country town on market day!!!

My boss took me there last week, she knew I was a bit home sick and wanted to show me what was on offer here in LonDON!! my eyes were wide open when I realised there were foods from all over europe just waiting to be devoured!

First stop was a poultry stall, they do a little stand for lunch, chicken burgers and wraps, I had a wrap today, complete with salsa, rocket, some kind of mayo and the ever important fresh chook! I proceeded to fill my face with the wrap while walking around the stalls…

They seem to like the word “Organic” here 🙂 fresh salads, cured meats from France and Italy, home made breads served by a very eccentric English man – thick accent and a very cheery disposition.

After a while I realised that the wrap was dripping salsa and mayo down my front – it was so tasty i had no idea!!! so i pulled up a pew on a large pillar and made myself nice again.

Anyway, the best olives are sold here – i promise you, the best you’ve ever tasted, they are giant green olives from spain, if I could send some over I would! I bought some for a picnic I am going to on Sunday. I tasted some cheeses, sun dried tomato’s and a little glass of champagne.

The colours are amazing, fresh fruit and vegetables, smells are intoxicating – the bread in particular – i smell it and know that the carbs are going to my bottom before i even eat it!

A delight for the senses, it will be my lunch time ritual every friday!!

So now I am back at my desk… eating some fresh blueberries.”


Unexpected opportunity…

I’m so glad I have continued with my commitment to take a camera with me everywhere I go. I have come across so many opportunities!! I may well be mistaken for a tourist but that’s okay, its totally worth it.

Happy Sunday everyone. N x

Random Dayz


You see… there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel : )


I love texture, colours, shiny things. I tend to be a very tactile person, so will randomly reach out and touch things if they appeal to me. I apologise if this has caused any awkward moments in the past.


These guys didn’t quite make it on bin day…

N x

A year of pictures

I have decided to make a committment… A committment to myself that I will take at least one photo a day to document a year of my life in pictures. Its been done before and will be done again so it’s certainly not my original idea, I just loved the concept of making a visual record (of any kind!).

Photos tend to reflect moods and absolutely (in my case anyway) show progression, not only from a photography point of view but simply how you see the world and maybe (just maybe!) I am starting to see things differently with the help of the lens.

Some days they will be very random shots, sometimes poignant, almost definitely some goofy ones and hopefully along the line, something inspiring. So you all are my witnesses as I pledge a year of my life in photos. Dont fret, I wont share them all with you, I’ll do a post every now and then with the best of. Happy Wednesday!

Day 1, the angel that watches over me while I sleep. N x