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Month: May, 2011

In the moment.



Never underestimate the impact your environment has on your world. If something isn’t right with your environment, there is surely something within you screaming to make a change.

Just over two years ago I moved home from London, and by home I mean a stop over in Melbourne and then three different households in Perth before I had somewhere to sleep on a regular basis. That somewhere was home, as in with my family. It was absolutely necessary at that time to be around family, desperate for TLC, R&R, healing and love. To have my “people” around me for the first time in a long time was bliss. It was also disconcerting. Part of me was wondering why on earth I’d moved from London to Perth?? What a transition! I had a few months where I thought Melbourne would be a great in-between for me and I could set up life there. After a fair amount of unsettled behavior, a few reality checks from life and some serious personal development (aka time for Naomi) I actually started to feel settled and happy in Perth. That didn’t stop me from booking trips and planning my 30th birthday in Vegas two years before it was even happening, I’m going to say that’s the Gemini in me?

So here I am now, turning 30 very soon, not going on any trips outside of WA for quite some time (and ok with that). I will be celebrating my 30th in a log cabin by an open fire with red wine and my “favorite” (aka Todd). The piste de resistance… I have moved out, well we have. Its like a miracle or something? To go from broke / confused / walking aimlessly to here is something I’m so grateful for. I’m also really grateful for the kindness of my family and friends, they’re amazing people who wrap me up in their love every day. It must not go unsaid that I’m very proud of myself for having the courage to step outside of that other life.

Now that my environment is right I have all this brain space free to be creative, I actually have days where I’m writing notes on projects, what is happening next and its all I can think about. (Thankful for the iPhone notes section). At the moment I feel as though I’m a V8 (Holden) with a tank full of premium fuel but I’ve got the handbrake on. I’m so ready and raring to go. I guess the next step is to have the courage to take the hand brake off!

Some pics from recent days.

N x

Happy Mothers Day!

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, sun is shining, cool breezy fresh air, looking forward to a lunch with my wonderful Mum 🙂

Things have been quiet on the blog front lately because I have moved, the computer is almost set up and I’m looking forward to really focusing on my creative work.

Have a great day.
N x