My new love

by nwphotography

Just recently I celebrated my 29th birthday, and funnily enough most people were generous enough to shower with me photography related gifts. This made me reflect on a statement “do what you love and the money will come, people will rally around you to support you and new doors are opened”. When I started to show an interest  in photography quite a few creative people came into my life (still are!) and my dear friends and family started providing me with endless opportunities, ideas and motivation. Without consciously trying I have actually created a team to support me on this mission.

The first photo is taken while punting along the river in Cambridge, this photo is very random and probably has a few serious no no’s in terms of technical photography, but it was a fluke and I love it. I think the over exposure contributes to the eery feel and I love the outline of the university buildings. Cambridge was a big favorite of mine, beautiful place with a really warm feel about it (despite the ironic cold temperatures).

The second photo is courtesy of Lauren Hensworth, I put it up because this is me discovering my love for photography, I only really started to getting into it when I lived in London. It is absolutely true that when something huge happens in your life (and what you would also perceive to be a negative event) it pushes you to where you really need to be. Amongst the adversity  I began to see the world a lot differently and through the view finder appeared my new love.

Meanwhile lying on the ground wasn’t pleasant, very cold but I didn’t care, I was falling in love with my new passion. N x