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Month: May, 2012

Things a creative like me does…

Drink wine, pour through magazines for inspiration and take an occasional self portrait.

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Boddington (2)

Hi all,

My previous post http://wp.me/pQ009-gC had a promise to be continued.

So here it is. I’ve waited because there’s a lot I could say about Boddington and mining and everything that goes with this industry.

Mostly I’d like to say that these images may be seem very sterile but its where my beloved spends half his life, where he eats his meals, washes his clothes, works and makes a fine living. I’m very proud of him, these jobs aren’t for everyone and it takes a certain kind of human to fulfill the unique challenges of a mining job.

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My slice of heaven.

I know I post a lot of pics of this spot but it really is my slice of heaven.

I hope you all have a special spot to visit.

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Introducing Ruby

Today was the most perfect beautiful day for a bike ride, lucky for me Todd bought me Ruby the other day! Isn’t she gorgeous!!!! So, this morning I glided along the river and soaked up the sun. What a lucky girl I am!!

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Man’s best friend …

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Happy Mothers Day

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Colours dancing in the sky…

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Boddington (1)

Recently I got the grand tour of Boddington town and the mine’s camp. Here’s the first image I’d like to share with y’all.

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Something Moody for a Monday.

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