A starting point.

by nwphotography

I have struggled with how to start this blog for quite some time, wanting to create something flawless and concentrating too much on the details. So, I have decided to keep it simple and start from the beginning of my imagery journey.

This photo reflects a very poignant time in my life. I had just arrived in London, it was the start of the European summer, I had left my family and friends behind and was embarking on a journey very much outside of my comfort zone.

How I was feeling when I took this photo cannot be put into words, which for me, is the essence of photography.

I think its beautiful that art of any kind can be therapeutic, soothing, motivational, comforting and even a form of escapism.

My personal goal is to create images that provoke conversation, thought, inspiration, insight and imagination.

I very much look forward to sharing that journey with you all.