A year…

by nwphotography

Monday the 6th June marks a year since I uploaded my first post on this blog (http://wp.me/pQ009-27). Can’t believe its been a year already! My my the time is flying. I just wanted to say thank you for those that have supported my emerging creativity. You know who you are, telling me about websites, exhibitions, a friend of a friend that I could talk to for some mentoring – and the list goes on. While this has been such a joy I’m aware that there needs to be a clear intention to this blog. That is coming. For now its a mixture of my cathartic musings and photos. Like I said in my last post I’m ready and raring to go, I am just making sure I’ve got the right platform to jump off (if it exists!).

Shortly, I’ll be 30… I remember an episode of Ally McBeal where Ally turned 30, she stared at herself in the mirror all night until the clock struck 12pm. She wanted to see if the wrinkles would appear immediately at midnight. No lines appeared (shockingly) and then she did the usual drama queen and then learnt a lesson, the 90’s adult version of an after school special. As a side note Calista Flockhart doesn’t seem to have aged at all since then… (no judgement).

I’m feeling good about 30. I learnt soooo much in my 20’s. What a massive decade!! Ultimately the biggest lesson was learning that no matter what if I’m true to myself then nothing else matters. Only just second to that was learning that I am responsible for my own feelings, we all are. All too often we try and handball those feelings off to others, usually the ones nearest too us. How I feel is how I feel, no one else controls that. I spent a long time handing my feelings over to other people, I know now that was a little crazy, no wonder I always felt so out of control!! I was giving the control to someone else!

Finally, I realise that having wise council around me is supremely important. Surrouding yourself with the right team is crucial, very quickly you see and recognise people that aren’t fitting into life anymore. That’s ok, some relationships evolve together and others grow out of each other, it doesn’t make either any less important its just how it is.

Thank you again everyone, pics of the lovely Karri Valley to come in a week or so.

N x