by nwphotography

Yesterday I took the opportunity to visit the Annie Leibovitz exhibition here in Sydney. I had been at a work function and decided to head off in search of the exhibition I had missed in London a couple of years ago. I arrived with only 30 mins to spare, the museum was closing at 5… I begged and pleaded to be let in, and because I can be quite convincing, I found myself scooting around the exhibition with a sense of desperation and urgency. I so desperately wanted to stare at each photo for hours, take in the mood, lighting, expressions and moment. I did the best I could given the circumstances and I found myself reinjected with a creative buzz and my mojo is back!

I was delighted to see that some of Annie’s photos away from the celebrity space are very real, raw and far from the “Vanity Fair” porcelain faces. Annie has captured so much in her time, so much so that she didn’t have time to have her first child until the age of 51!! I very much enjoyed her landscape pieces and the sincerity evident in the photos of her partner. There’s something very tangible in a photo, especially one taken in love, you can feel it, you’re transported to that moment and the vibe goes right through you.

Yesterday I was reminded why I have been taking photos, why I have been talking about it, why I have been posting about it, capturing life visually is an absolute pleasure and I’m so grateful to have found my creative voice.

I spent two hours after work today with Sydney and my camera, it was absolute bliss and I can’t wait to get home and upload them all and post my favourites on here!

No photos today unfortunately, I’m coming to you live from my hotel room in Sydney with no camera cables (fail). Very much looking forward to coming home, seeing my lovley family, brilliant friends and gorgeous gorgeous man.

N x