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Another goodbye looms rapidly for our family. We lost Nanna the other day, and while she had a fantastic innings its hard to wrap your head around it. You just always think they are going to be there (that of course is my inner child speaking). I’ve been thinking of my fondest memories of her, painting rock animals in the shed, AMAZING roasts and vibrant stories of her travels around Australia with Granddad. It always surprised me how precise she was with stories and what she recollected of some of their favourite memories and experiences. Most recently she raved about my lemonade scones which was quite a compliment from such a great cook. Sharp as tack to the very end. Rest well Nan, night night.

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Fresh start

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Layers of love

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Lonely Understanding

I had a thought earlier today, I was on my way to Yoga and was feeling a bit melancholy, perhaps a little lonely in understanding. Understanding myself and others to be exact. I wondered do we ever really understand each other? I already know the answer to that question and its really unsatisfying. Unsatisfying because it brings me back to me, a pat on the back or a “I know how you feel” doesn’t cut it anymore.

So, at Yoga I just breathed. The majority of the poses felt foreign today, so I just pushed through and gained some relief in the space between each breath where everything is silent.

That’s all I’ve got for now so it must be enough.

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Bit of time for me

So, I made a heart out of Honky nuts 🙂

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Peaks and valleys

Last night as I was walking the dog I watched the pretty sunset over the peaks of new suburbia. As the sun was setting the Blood moon was rising in the east over the hills… I didn’t get a great picture of the moon but it didn’t matter… Where we are in the world didn’t see the “red” but gee it was lovely to see it rising. It seemed to move really fast or perhaps id never watched the moon rise before?

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The secret garden

Lots of green, lots of life, lots of hope.

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Afternoon Delight

How beautiful is that afternoon light streaming through the stained glass!

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Feels good (today).

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