Craft & my heart.

by nwphotography

Have you ever noticed how therapeutic crafting can be? Tinkering or concentrating on a hobby can be good work for an idle or weary mind. I personally find great enjoyment from craft, however, more importantly I find peace in the quiet of stitching. It’s as though with every pull of a needle and newly created stitch I am figuring life out.

With this love of craft combined with my photography I’ve decided to create a category on the blog called Gwen’s Corner. I will be posting tutorials on DIY crafts, craft photo shoots and of course musings on my current projects and what they are bringing to my heart. To start there will be a series on handmade wedding how to’s! All coming soon.

For now here’s a pic I took of one of my wedding flowers (taken the day after), my parents house was FULL of these beautiful blooms! It was so beautiful.

N x