A year in the life of…

by nwphotography

It’s that time of year again, the ol’ age ticks up another number. This time last year I was in Karri Valley, with no internet connection and a million dollar view. I had no idea what was about to hit me. In this past year any cotton wool that was wrapped around me evaporated into nothingness, like it never existed in the first place. Life changing moments, relisations and hurts stripped away the layers of crap and what’s left is pretty raw. Its a very honest place and a little too precious, precious as in life feels so fragile that I sometimes tread a little cautiously, just in case the rug will be pulled up from under me at any given point.

When one of my greatest fears was realised this year it was so grounding I hit the floor with what felt like light speed force.  Everything went quiet and very still. Any tolerance I had left for bull shit left me and who really mattered became very clear. The airy affirmations, quotes and motivational talks no longer resonated, there was no depth to them. I was no longer searching for something outside of myself, I knew it was all within me.

So after all that, I cross stitched my heart back up and life goes on. Its the simple things that make my day and I often take a short moment to take stock of those lovely little treasures. Don’t worry, optimism still resides within me, I guess I’m just growing up!

N x