Hello Winter!

by nwphotography

I welcome the change of season with open arms!!! I loved Autumn this year, finally some cooler weather!! We had beautiful sunny days and cool evenings, enough to bring out the cozy pj’s and flannelette sheets for our bed. I thoroughly enjoyed riding my new bike along the river to the sound of autumn leaves crunching beneath the wheels.

I have a bit of a love affair with these seasons, I’m a grumpy girl when it’s hot, no idea why I was born in such a hot climate!!!

A new season marks a fresh start for me as I close the skin cancer chapter. Throughout the ordeal I’ve learnt so much about myself and the people around me and for that I’m truly grateful.

Winter is also birthday time for us! Like true Gemini’s we love it to be all about us, and with birthdays only 4 days apart we are like kids in a candy store!!!

So! Bring on the festivities, warm cozy clothes and the sound of rain on the roof while sipping on a glass of red.

N x