by nwphotography

As I washed the hospital smell away from me last night I realised how relieved I was… and at the same time realised how paralysed I had been from the fear of the pending surgeries. Isn’t it crazy what we do to ourselves? There were stages where I really thought I had it under control but it seems as though that was just me going into safety mode.

Now is the time to nourish, heal and be grateful. The fact that it took something like this to focus on nourishment is sad, its sad that it takes an actual illness or tangible sign for us to wake up and do something.

I must say through all this I’ve done a lot of research and I am completely OVER the forced attitudes and approaches to health, food & nutrition. I’m sick of the “you must follow this routine for a longer healthier happier life, IT IS THE ONE AND ONLY ANSWER” then to read another blog or book that says the same thing about the complete opposite kind of lifestyle. As far as I’m concerned, what feels right for me is what I’ll be doing. It’s so easy to invest in these things when you are vulnerable. A vendor I had been purchasing food & general supplies from regularly for years turned around to me (before my surgery) and said “Well, they’ll maim your eye”. How is that helpful? How is your attitude towards one of my options helpful to your long-standing customer? Well, Naomi, here’s lesson # 423,901…. this person was / is a “vendor”, selling their product and that’s it.

This, my friends is true of all conditions, it is also true of life’s natural way. Our bodies give us signals that something is out of balance and for us to simply revisit an approach or way of doing things, not to scare the bejesus out of us!!! A man said to me not long ago “these things weren’t sent to pain or worry us”. And, finally, I liken all this to my passion: women, birth & babies. While I haven’t given birth yet, I have indeed witnessed and supported it. I can see the maze in front of each of us and I am so incredibly grateful that I’ve learnt these lessons, because what matters is compassion and asking high quality questions, emptying your cup so you’re able to listen with your whole being.  Whatever journey you’re on, do what’s right for you.

N x

PS I have written this with an eye patch on, if it doesn’t make sense, that’s why  ;o)

This is kind of how I feel at the moment, both me and the little pot of herbs need some TLC.