Baby you’re a FIREWORK!!!

by nwphotography

Some casual photos taken with the ol’ iPhone. On New Years day we cruised down to the river and caught a pretty cool firework show. We got there a little early and I immediately wished I had my Canon with me. There was a live band, people dancing, such a great vibe. A really nice night, warm breeze and my little family around me.

Now, before I sign off, I’m excited to say that photography has now become a huge priority for me. I have heaps of maternity shoots to process, and also some personal projects that I’m really excited to start working on. When checking out my photos you might wonder what’s with the watermark??? Well its my new business name. NW Photography will still exist, however,  my “work” moving forward is a combination of being a Doula and capturing life visually. Essentially I will be creating a journal of work for my clients (hence “Doula Journal”). Its an exciting time and I’m incredibly grateful to the people around me, all the support, love and encouragement gave me the guts to leave my job and puruse what I love to do.

Hope you like the photos, there are heaps more to come.

N x