Ron Mueck

by nwphotography

I’ve been holding onto these photos for ages! Not sure why… I’m having a “Missing Melbourne” week and was scrolling through some pics from my last trip there (April 2010). I was excited to be in Melbourne while Ron Mueck’s work was on show at the NGV. I spent a lot of time at the NGV when I lived in Melbourne – why? I lived close, it was free to most parts of the museum and I could get my injection of inspiration. Ron’s work is really interesting, his attention to detail is superb. The set up of the exhibition was very clean and separate, it was his intention not to paint a story of his pieces but to let people come to their own conclusions. For example, people were thinking perhaps the baby belonged to the lady lying in bed? I really liked the two old ladies, I was imagining what they must be talking about 🙂

You can read more about Ron Mueck here:

or watch a short video here:

Enjoy, N x