NW Photography?

by nwphotography

My last post was all about the words, I didn’t have a photo in mind to attach to the words simply because the words were more powerful at the time. I attached a photo, but it didn’t really need to be there.

Sometimes the photo is more powerful. I seem to see-saw between words and pictures, both very important elements but I’ve just realised that maybe I don’t need to do them both together all the time.

The thing I love about photos is that they tell a story, their own story, a visual vibe is created and and often that’s all you need. The thing I love about words is the cathartic raw pleasure I get from realising something new about the world and sharing it with whoever will listen.

I’m coming up to one year of having this blog fully active, I’ve loved every minute of it. However, as with all things, it needs a change and its in a stage of evolution (just as I am in a state of evolution). I am thinking of a new direction and at the very least, to start with a new business name. I have a few ideas in mind on where to take my creativity; watch this space.

Remember we either revolve, evolve or dissolve.

Moving forward, I will still be posting as normal, but sometimes there will be just words and sometimes just photos. When I’m ready with the next stage I’ll be sure and let my little community know.

For now and for the sake of honouring the law of reciproscity I’d like to share two photography blog’s, First one is hosted by a man called Dan O’Day, his latest project (Ginger & Pearl) is incredible, so moving:


Next up is Samm Blake, I have been following her photography for about 2 years, her style and attention to detail blows my mind. The work resonates so deeply within me, I’m grateful that these creatives share their work so openly with the community. Samm inspires me to follow my creative side.


Thanks for reading, this blog means so much to me.

N x