Home is where the heart is…

by nwphotography

What a day of reflection and gratitude. With Cyclone Yasi rapidly approaching North Queensland we have all been forced to recognise and take stock of what we really do have. I was sitting in a training room this morning, observing, thinking to myself, we are all in an air-conditioned room, comfortable, learning and also knowing that our homes would be there tonight when we left the office. I reflected on how grateful I am for my evolving career and the opportunities laid in front of me and then I started to think… what would I take with me if I had to evacuate?? Some people don’t even get notice, they just have to leave… As the bare minimum I’d like to think I’d be close by to my family, had my cat in a cage, hand in hand with Todd and his dog on a leash making our way to shelter hopefully knowing that my friends were also safe.

We may have our daily whine or grievances but seriously, we are incredibly blessed. I know I write about these topics a lot and use words like “grateful” “blessings” a great deal but I truly believe they are the key to making sense of your own world and evolving beyond expectations. If you’re not grateful for what you have right now then why would the universe give you anything more?. If you can take stock of your life, in front of you right now, appreciate what you have in your hands (figuratively and literally) then you’re going to be a whole lot more conscious than others. We all have a choice… Evolve, revolve or dissolve. I certainly empathise with the comfort in “revolving” but after a while, not moving forward and being in the one spot is completely frustrating and we naturally crave some movement. The only consistent thing in life is change….

And so I will wind my rant up with a pic of one of my must haves, be safe Queenslanders, for all the rest, take a moment to count your blessings and tell someone special how much you love them.

N x