by nwphotography

Lately I’ve noticed how happy and content I am in Perth. It didnt really hit me till someone recently asked me if I missed living in Melbourne or London and it was straight out (very certain) “No”. Love both of those cities, Melb’s in particular but its nice to be happy in my home town 🙂 Before I moved away I never felt right anywhere, I think the main issue was actually finding my sense of self but I guess I needed to go on a journey first to find out that all the answers were laid out in front of me, it was just  a matter of looking at them.

I’m really loving the simple things in life, tea and toast, a glass of bubbles with a good friend, having time to read a book in bed… you know? Love it…

Anyway, a photo of one of those happy moments…

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend.

N x