I love Sundays!

by nwphotography

I must say I’m enjoying this cooler weather today!! I’m indulging in it more than usual because I know its more than likely the last of it for quite some time! Not that I mind the sunshine but I do love to listen to the rain. Given the temperature today I decided to roast some of my organic vege’s for lunch. I kept it simple, some fresh herbs cut from MY garden, a sprinkle of sea salt and olive oil – Yum! There’s just something about roasted vege’s – you cant beat them! (For the meat eaters out there, yes, roasted meat is also tasty, I’m not denying that!) Anyway, another new week looms – there is opportunity everywhere!!

I hope you are all well. Today I worked on some of my vintage car shots and here is another fave. Enjoy. N x