Getting Grateful.

by nwphotography

One of my favorite habits is taking a moment each day to recognise what I am grateful for. Whatever resonates with me on the day. About 2 years ago I started to follow Dr John Demartini and his work, I respect the man and thanks to modern technology I get a status update from him each day on Facebook, its a daily injection of reality, love, reason, sense and always gets me thinking.

On that, personally I have been on a steep learning curve the last few years, and have sometimes felt overwhelmed with all these new pieces of information – one person saying one thing and someone else saying the other. This eventually led to a bit of confusion and I have come to the conclusion that, of all the people you follow or listen to in your life… keep it simple, listen, think and make it your own. Remember, that great leaders and mentors don’t tell us what to do, instead, they get you thinking so you in turn do your own research. We all know what is right for ourselves, no one else can tell you that.

So,  I’d like to share Dr Demartini’s thought for today below. I do this every day, its such a simple concept and I get a lot out of it, if this resonates with you, I hope you get something out of it as well.

“By waking up with an attitude of gratitude you can add value to your life. Spend a moment while lying in bed before you get up just thinking about what you’re grateful for. You could be thankful for a pleasant phone call, be thankful for your children, partner, home or your job and its opportunities. You’ll be amazed how much zest it adds to your day.” Dr J Demartini.

Just in case you were wondering, when I woke up this morning I was grateful for the abundance of opportunity that lies before me.

N x