Borough Market

by nwphotography

My first experience of the Borough Market  was almost 2 years ago today. Thankfully my original experience of the market was saved in an email to a special someone back in 2008, how I captured a simple lunch break has reinspired me to write more. Photos absolutely tell their own story, however, I feel the senses can be sometimes stimulated on another level with the “written word”.

I have deliberately kept these photos pretty raw, the natural colour and light capture the essence and tone of the story. I hope you enjoy my little snippet of a sunny afternoon in London town.

“I work just across from london bridge so when I look out the window I can see the thames, its just a hop skip and a jump to the markets which are hidden down a side alley, when you emerge out of the alley it feels as though you have transported yourself into a country town on market day!!!

My boss took me there last week, she knew I was a bit home sick and wanted to show me what was on offer here in LonDON!! my eyes were wide open when I realised there were foods from all over europe just waiting to be devoured!

First stop was a poultry stall, they do a little stand for lunch, chicken burgers and wraps, I had a wrap today, complete with salsa, rocket, some kind of mayo and the ever important fresh chook! I proceeded to fill my face with the wrap while walking around the stalls…

They seem to like the word “Organic” here 🙂 fresh salads, cured meats from France and Italy, home made breads served by a very eccentric English man – thick accent and a very cheery disposition.

After a while I realised that the wrap was dripping salsa and mayo down my front – it was so tasty i had no idea!!! so i pulled up a pew on a large pillar and made myself nice again.

Anyway, the best olives are sold here – i promise you, the best you’ve ever tasted, they are giant green olives from spain, if I could send some over I would! I bought some for a picnic I am going to on Sunday. I tasted some cheeses, sun dried tomato’s and a little glass of champagne.

The colours are amazing, fresh fruit and vegetables, smells are intoxicating – the bread in particular – i smell it and know that the carbs are going to my bottom before i even eat it!

A delight for the senses, it will be my lunch time ritual every friday!!

So now I am back at my desk… eating some fresh blueberries.”