A year of pictures

by nwphotography

I have decided to make a committment… A committment to myself that I will take at least one photo a day to document a year of my life in pictures. Its been done before and will be done again so it’s certainly not my original idea, I just loved the concept of making a visual record (of any kind!).

Photos tend to reflect moods and absolutely (in my case anyway) show progression, not only from a photography point of view but simply how you see the world and maybe (just maybe!) I am starting to see things differently with the help of the lens.

Some days they will be very random shots, sometimes poignant, almost definitely some goofy ones and hopefully along the line, something inspiring. So you all are my witnesses as I pledge a year of my life in photos. Dont fret, I wont share them all with you, I’ll do a post every now and then with the best of. Happy Wednesday!

Day 1, the angel that watches over me while I sleep. N x