Leeds Castle

by nwphotography

These photos are from a very memorable journey to Leeds Castle (Kent) close to Christmas in 2008 (29th Nov to be exact – yes I kept the admission ticket). I ventured out with my house mate Tania and our “Landlady” Jenny. A memorable driving experience had us (gratefully) arriving to Kent to soak up some history and the beautiful grounds of Leeds Castle. It was an overcast day, a bit of drizzle and everything was green green green, perfect conditions and just how I always imagined the English countryside. Nearing Christmas they had a Nutcracker theme running through the whole castle, beautiful Christmas trees everywhere, large staged banquets and the Nutcracker edge actually made it a little spooky. If the history of the castle interest you visit : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leeds_Castle. We did continue onto some Christmas markets in Kent after our Castle visit but i’ll save those pics for my next post. Happy Weekend everyone! N x